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Michelle Christine Presents: 50% Canadian 100% Crazy


Michelle Christine used to run a weekly open mic at The Ossington, which grew into her show called "The Wizard of Ossington". She left a piece of heart at 61 Ossington Avenue, and whenever she comes back to Toronto it is a highlight to return to this special place. This time around she is debuting her one woman show that she been touring around the world!

The show is a comedy about family, taking risks, and embracing change. Michelle takes you into her world - a journey from Canada, to Scotland, to Australia. Honest, entertaining and personable, Michelle connects with audiences with her non-judgmental vibes, and ability to cope with life's curve balls.

Michelle unexpectedly fell into the world of comedy. She went to university and worked full-time, then one day she was brought into the lunch room and laid-off. The company was closing, and she was out of a job! She thought, if you can be disappointed being practical, why not struggle at doing something you love? She used her severance package to try a new challenge, and that lead her to Second City, where she enjoyed the freedom of the stage, and found her calling! She is excited to share her story with you!

Earlier Event: May 29
Later Event: June 30


**PLEASE NOTE - ALL DJ'S SPIN FROM 10pm TO 2am** | 416.850.0161 | 61 Ossington Ave., Toronto, M6J 2Y9