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The thing that no one wanted or needed in the first place is... BACK!

Lucky you!

After a summer hiatus I'll be DJing the first THURSDAY of every month at the Ossington until I die/get fired/the world ends.

Braeden Craig and Michael le Riche will be on bar. They are fun, old-fashioned bartenders who will gladly listen to your woes and offer what consolation they can. Tip them well!

I'll be playing all yr favourite HITS! I also take requests sometimes. If I feel like it. But probably.

Come have a drink with me.

Earlier Event: October 25
Later Event: November 13
Autumn Jaunt 3


**PLEASE NOTE - ALL DJ'S SPIN FROM 10pm TO 2am** | 416.850.0161 | 61 Ossington Ave., Toronto, M6J 2Y9