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Do you like listening to cool music? Do you like drinking in bars? Of course you do! So why not join me next week when I combine the two beloved pastimes? As an added bonus, my childhood friend Cameron Gilpin will be joining me. What low bit rate digital music files will we play, you ask? Well, actually, we don’t know yet BUT if I were a betting man (I’m not but I did play blackjack once), I’d wager the track selections will run the gamut from Lou Reed to GZA to New Order to Sonic Youth to CCR (obviously) to Kate Bush to.... you get the idea. We might even take requests depending on how nicely you ask/much you are willing to bribe us. Obviously it will be very fun and you should come and, heck, we might even do it monthly provided this first one goes well which is really more on you than it is on us so, in conclusion, definitely show up, understood?

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Later Event: February 22
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**PLEASE NOTE - ALL DJ'S SPIN FROM 10pm TO 2am** | 416.850.0161 | 61 Ossington Ave., Toronto, M6J 2Y9