Since opening in the summer of 2008, The Ossington has become an anchor of the Ossington Strip. We believe that meeting places are vitally important and with our great space, amazing staff and friendly, inclusive environment, people will want to call this place home.  

Throughout the week The Ossington is home to many of the eclectic and interesting people who have helped to create this special neighborhood. We regularly host fundraisers, campaign launches, video release parties, comedy shows, storytelling nights, art openings, book launches and all kinds of legendary parties, but this is always still a place to have a conversation with an old friend.  We have an ever changing roster of events, and on the weekends we ramp it up, hosting the finest DJs from Toronto and around the world, spinning out the best nightlife that our city has to offer.

Check the calendar to see what is on tonight... and contact us with your next big idea.



**PLEASE NOTE - ALL DJ'S SPIN FROM 10pm TO 2am** | 416.850.0161 | 61 Ossington Ave., Toronto, M6J 2Y9